Lucy Conklin

I am a scientist turned artist turned software developer looking to work with a team on important projects, in an environment where I never stop learning.



International Space Station Tracker

There are people in space. Right. Now. You can even see them if you know when, and where to look. I created this International Space Station tracker to show users where the space station is above the earth. From there, users can enter their zipcode to get the next time the space station will be passing overhead. Users can also enter their phone number to recieve a text message reminder 5 minutes before the space station passes overhead.

This project was a finalist for Turing student demo night in March 2016.

Pivotal Tracker Gem

The Pivotal Tracker gem is an open source tool for integrating Pivotal Tracker into your projects. I worked with a team to update the gem to Rails 5, and used VCR for testing. I was eager to give back to the community, and this project definitely sparked an interest in contributing to more open source projects.

Rales Engine

For this 4-day paired project, we took sales data, and created an api with 42 robustly tested endpoints and documentation.


For this project at the Turing School I programmed my own server to parse, create, and handle HTTP requests, I created a number guessing game so I could interact with the server via HTTP requests, I wrote a JSON response parser, and response codes.


Freelance Science Illustrator

Lucy Conklin Illustration June 2012 - current

Assistant Instructor, Science Illustration

California State University, Monterey Bay September 2013- August 2016

Instructor, Science Communication

University of California, Santa Cruz July 2014 - July 2016


The Turing School of Software & Design

Backend Engineering, October 2016 - April 2017

My classwork focused on Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, Agile workflows, group projects, HTML/CSS/SASS, Postgres, Continuous Integration (with and Continuous Deployment to Heroku. I also had the opportunity to work on personal projects related to datavisualization, and front-end design.

The best place to see some of my code is my Github profile.

California State University, Monterey Bay

Masters Certificate, Science Illustration 2012

This truly life-changing experience taught me a lot about passion, and how to follow the questions I had while learning. In 8 short months I learned traditional illustration in ink, watercolor, acrylic, and gouache, Adobe's creative suite, basic graphic and web design principles, animation, science communication, how to get and work with clients, and freelance business fundamentals.

Bucknell University

B.A. Physics 2008

A classmate told me that taking Thermodynamics would change my life. He was very right, and not a day goes by when I don't think about something I learned in that class. My coursework also included laboratory work, quantum, electromagnetism, and astrophysics. As a student I also competed on the ultimate frisbee team and took nearly enough studio art classes to earn a minor.